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Nate had forgotten what it was like being with Blair. How touching her wasn’t a haunted-house experience, where he blindly had to guess where things were, and wound up bumping into walls. With Blair, he just knew and everything seemed to fit just right.

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happy birthday, leighton ♥

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nate/blair + 1x01

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Anonymous SAID:
Hello, I was wondering if we'll get any new nair stuff in the future, I feel like the nair fandom has fallen asleep:(

i’ll try get some stuff soon! i’ve just been really swamped with work D: but yes! more nair stuff!

Anonymous SAID:
I absolutely love your blog!! I was suffering of Nair withdrawal when I found it so thank you, thank you! :)♥

Aw, you’re so sweet! Thank you so much for liking this sorry, messy excuse of a blog <3


Nair!AU - Nate and Blair have been seeing each other and try to keep it a secret. Unfortunately, they don’t keep it a secret for long.

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so i fell asleep halfway through a new graphic i’m going to sulk and cry and throw photoshop out the window this is ridiculous 

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