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With a side dish of Nair.

happy birthday, leighton ‚ô•

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nate/blair + 1x01

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Anonymous SAID:
Hello, I was wondering if we'll get any new nair stuff in the future, I feel like the nair fandom has fallen asleep:(

i’ll try get some stuff soon! i’ve just been really swamped with work D: but yes! more nair stuff!

Anonymous SAID:
I absolutely love your blog!! I was suffering of Nair withdrawal when I found it so thank you, thank you! :)♥

Aw, you’re so sweet! Thank you so much for liking this sorry, messy excuse of a blog <3


Nair!AU - Nate and Blair have been seeing each other and try to keep it a secret. Unfortunately, they don’t keep it a secret for long.

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so i fell asleep halfway through a new graphic i’m going to sulk and cry and throw photoshop out the window this is ridiculous¬†

#guh #im going to grandma's tomorrow #no internet this is 100% lame
Anonymous SAID:
Oh please make a pretended interview with Cheighton, I would die for another one of those... ooor Nair/Cheighton baby like the one with their baby standing up for the first time (that was yours, right?) cause that's the best thing I've ever seen. Your blog makes my day:))

That was mine, thank you so much! I’m going to open up photoshop right now and find something, I swear to Nair right now, I need to make something Nair or Cheighton related. These two assholes, ugh ruining my day. Thanks for the message though! :3

Anonymous SAID:
#4 I can't wait for your stuff! Thanks in advance. I saw the beach gif, too. Did you made it? Secretly married? I would love that! But Leighton is engaged to Adam Brody now and Cheighton are like not even friends, sad story :(

No I didn’t make the beach thing! That was from the brilliant mind of someone else. Thanks for the messages again! They’re suuuuper sweet :3 And I know! I know she’s happy with Adam but can’t they just even be friends? Ugh, sad.